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Welcome   to   Oomeister's   Monkey   Island   Page!

This is my Monkey Island Web Page!

This site will mainly contain things from Monkey Island 1 and 2 for the time being, and will contain Monkey Island 3 things hopefully soon. I have collected many pictures, MIDI files, as well as solutions for the games and will put it up on my web page soon. Enjoy!


<05/11/98> Opened a new MONKEY ISLAND POLLING BOOTH

<02/11/98> To heck with the busy schedule, I thought I might as well scrap the old bluish background, and replace it with something a little different.

<01/11/98> Due to my busy schedule, I have visited a few sites and have downloaded the solutions to the Monkey Island games on to my page so anyone who has trouble with the games can download it below. If you still have any problems, don't be afraid to give me a buzz!


Note: Please email me at huchi_mama@yahoo.com if there are any broken links!!!

Old News

Things to Do

Check out my Monkey Island Image Gallery: Nice Assortment of Pics from Monkey Island 1&2
NEW DOWNLOAD: The Lechuck Shutdown Screen for your computer!!!
Download: All the Music from Monkey Island 2 (MIDI)
Download: The WINAMP "Monkey Island 2" Skin
Download Solution: The Secret of Monkey Island (TXT format) by Dan Kronholm
Download Solution: Monkey Island 2 : Lechuck's Revenge (TXT format) by Thomas Andre
Download Solution: The Curse of Monkey Island Solution (TXT format) by Morten Riis Svendsen
WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE WINZIP!: Well, Download it here!
My Guestbook!: Click here if you want to win a BMW

Contacting Me

Email Me at huchi_mama@yahoo.com : For Help with any of the 3 Monkey Island games, for a link to your Monkey Island Site or for any other reason at all

or contact me in ICQ at UIN : 7005811

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